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Still the Mind-Relax the Body-Soothe the Soul

Take some time out to press pause, re-set and allow your body and mind to embrace stillness. Regular self-care is the best gift we can give to ourselves.


The therapies I offer are nurturing and relaxing, allowing you to re-connect and listen to your body. Helping to ease pain, release tension and re-ignite your body's own amazing ability to heal itself.

Your healing is in your hands.

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Spirit Points - Gentle Energy Healing

3 Step Process Serenity Blue

Birth Trauma Support

Women's Health & Fertility Massage Serenity Blue

Women's Health & Fertility Massage

Relax & Restore Ritual Serenity Blue.jpg

Relax & Restore Ritual - Back Massage

"Everything heals: If we take the time to listen....

Your body heals, Your heart heals, The mind heals, Wounds heal,

Your soul repairs itself"

- Tiny Buddha -


My name is Emma, I am a mum of 2 and have been interested in complementary therapies and mental health and well being for 15 years. Having my own lived experience of anxiety and post natal depression following a traumatic birth this interest increased and I became passionate about promoting the importance of positive mental health and looking after ourselves, especially in the perinatal period.

Emma Sherry Serenity Blue Holistic Healing Therapies


¨Anyone that's in the post-natal period will

benefit from the amazing sessions Emma runs.

A much needed service that is really important for new mums. Finished each session feeling extremely relaxed and looking forward to the next one.¨

Top Tips for Stress Relief

Take a few minutes to stretch 

- Raise your shoulders to your ears, hold and release

- Slowly circle your head from one side to the other

- Raise your arms above your head and reach for the sky

- Do a forward bend - this move calms the mind and relaxes the body

 Breathwork Exercise 4-4-8

- Belly breath in for a count of 4

- Hold for count of 4 and sigh out loudly for count of 8 through your mouth

- Repeat 3 times

Have gratitude

- Each evening think of your day that has passed and list 3 things you are grateful for

- Practicing gratitude daily can increase feelings of happiness and positive mood

- As well as reducing stress and improving sleep quality

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