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What are the benefits of hand reflexology?

The reflexes on our hands and feet act as mirror images of our body. I am qualified in hand reflexology. This treatment can ease symptoms relating to chronic pain conditions such as arthritis and reduce stress which enables the body to be in a state of calm, helping the immune system to function better. Hand reflexology can benefit people of all ages and can improve many ailments during

a course of four to six weekly treatments.

How long should I wait before trying to conceive after stopping the pill?

I would recommend waiting 120 days. It takes 3 months for an egg to reach full maturity and if the pelvic area is congested the chosen egg will be weak and unhealthy. It takes 4 months for sperm to be fully developed so by waiting 120 days you are giving the egg and sperm sufficient time to be nutrient rich and strong putting you in the best position when trying to conceive.

Why is a healthy immune system so important?

The main job of our immune system is to protect us from germs and it is constantly defending our body against invaders. 80% of our immune system lives in our digestive system so it is important to have good digestion to help strengthen our immunity. Stress can affect our immune system and in our present world we are faced constantly with stress from lots of different areas: work, family, relationships, finances, toxins in our environment , trauma, pain, the list is endless. Women’s health and fertility massage can help to boost your immunity by helping to release tension, free up space in your abdomen and allow for blockages to be cleared.

What does ‘Homeostasis’ mean?

This simply means treating the whole body, mind, soul and spirit to bring about total balance and well being.

What is Pulsing?

This is a type of rhythmic body work, where you are gently rocked. This not only feels deeply soothing and relaxing but it can also release emotional tension that our bodies may be holding onto due to past trauma we may have experienced. Physically, pulsing improves blood and lymph flow throughout the whole body which is beneficial for fertility and digestive issues.

What is the 3 Step Process and how can it help me if I have experienced a traumatic birth experience?

When you have experienced a traumatic event the memory of this causes the body to go into flight/fight/freeze mode, ready to protect us from danger. Recalling a negative experience can produce feelings of fear, panic or helplessness and these emotions become attached to the memory – so every time you think of the experience you feel fear, panic etc.

The 3 Step Process is a gently and safe way to unhook the negative emotions that have attached to the experience. I listen to your story (should you wish to vocalise it) the process works without me having to know the details.

Over the 3 sessions using guided meditation, visualisation, positive suggestion and affirmation I help you to re-structure how you remember the experience. When you are in this deep state of relaxation your subconscious ‘switches on’ as you are not in the heightened state of flight/fright/freeze and your body can begin to activate its own natural healing ability.

Why is self care important?

Self care allows you time to simply ‘be’. To take time out and re charge. Self care can reduce anxiety and stress which can have a positive impact on physical ailments you may be experiencing.

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