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Birth Trauma Support - 3 Step Process

  • 2 hr 15 min
  • 75 British pounds
  • Ballymena

Service Description

When you have experienced trauma the body goes into survival mode - flight, fight or freeze, ready to protect us from perceived danger. This is great and a natural response when we are actually in danger and there is a threat but when we are remembering our trauma we are not in immediate danger and these negative emotions/flashbacks can be extremely distressing, preventing us from being able to move forward. We can also respond to a traumatic event that we have not directly experienced - we may have witnessed something we find traumatic and this process can also be used to help us overcome the negative and move forward. When we have experienced trauma we can get 'stuck' in this high state of alert, feeling fearful and anxious - our nervous system and brain do not return to the natural relaxed state when a danger has passed but stress hormones continue to flood the body, keeping us alert for danger Recalling a negative experience can produce feelings of fear, panic, helplessness, tearfulness and these emotions become attached to the memory, so every time you think of the experience/trauma you feel fear, panic etc. The 3 Step Process is a gentle and safe way to unhook the negative emotions that have attached to the experience allowing the brain and nervous system to relax and feel safe, I help you to understand you are not in any immediate danger. I listen to your story (should you wish to vocalise it - you do not have to tell me anything). The process works without me having to know your experience. Over 3 sessions using guided meditation to bring you into a state of deep relaxation, visualisation, to help you remember the event in a way that feels 'safe' for you, I help you to re structure how you remember the experience so the memory is unchanged but the intense emotion is no longer attached and you are able to imagine coping in the future and responding differently once the memory no longer feels traumatic. When you are in this deep state of relaxation your subconscious ‘switches on’ as you are not in the heightened state of flight/fight and your body can begin to activate its own natural healing ability. I allow an hour for each session but you will never feel rushed - you will always be given the space and time you need. 3 Sessions: £75 (Total cost for 3 sessions)

Cancellation Policy

If appointment is cancelled with 48 hours of scheduled appointment time 50% treatment cost is payable. If appointment is cancelled within 24 hours of scheduled appointment time 100% treatment cost is payable.

Contact Details


Ballymena, UK

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